Delta industrial Automation


Delta Industrial Automation

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SCADA , Comtrol, Power Management , Energy Management ,Cost reduction , Smart Factory , Motion , Robot

Delta offers automation products and solutions with high performance and reliability, including drives, motion control systems, industrial control and communication, power quality improvement, human machine interfaces, sensors, meters, and robot solutions. We also provide information monitoring and management systems such as SCADA and Industrial EMS for complete, smart manufacturing solutions.

Systems & Solutions


  • Elevator Drive and Energy-Regenerating systems
  • SCARA Robots
  • Robot Solutions
  • CNC Solutions
  • Hybrid Energy Saving Systems


Smart Machine

  • Elevators / Cranes
  • Rubber and Plastic Machinery
  • Electronic Equipment
  • CNC Machine Tools
  • Packing Machinery
  • Industrial Robots
  • IoT + & Cloud Solutions

Smart Manufacturing

  • Robot Work Stations
  • Production Line Integration
  • Production Visualization
  • Manufacturing Execution System(MES)
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE)

Smart Green Factory

  • Energy Saving Solutions
  • Facility Management Control Systems(FMCS)
  • Water Treatment
  • Drive System
  • Power Quality Solution
  • Revamping

Energy Management Solution